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You need to know this technique as part of this course anyway. Check out

The Yawn Machine.

photo of LinaI kept yawning the whole week - it does work! It is very interesting experience actually, as soon as I start yawning I feel much better in a couple of minutes and I keep smiling, can not explain why, just happens! - Lina Bourdon

Yawn and Grow Rich

Yawn and Grow Rich is a course based on Napoleon Hill's famous book, Think and Grow Rich.

The Yawn comes from various little-known techniques that discharge stress and make it easier for you to learn things and to do things. It is easy for you to use these techniques. Click on any of the links to The Yawn Machine or Yawnguy or PaulsRobot to check it out.

The purpose of the course is to make it easier to fully understand and apply the contents of the book.

There is not really any new text to study, although the approach to understanding and making use of the existing text is very different.

Before starting the course, you should have read the book through, and decided that you really want to put into practice the principles laid out in the book. This will involve a great deal of hard work on your part; you will not be getting something for nothing.

If you persist with this course, and get through it, you will be well on your way to making full use of the invaluable information in the book, with its unparalleled rewards waiting for you.

Sept 14 2007 note: This is a new course, beta version. All fifteen sections are now online, including the new (different) bits, although the whole format isn't finalized yet. Please e-mail any comments or notes of errors (yes, I want to know about broken links, etc) to me at Thank you very much.


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Copyright Notice: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is reportedly now in the public domain. Excluding the entire text by Napoleon Hill, the Yawn and Grow Rich Course is copyright ©2007-16 by Paul Adams. All rights reserved.


I just wanted to tell you that I did a session with the robot today and WOW is all I can say. It really did work. I was skeptical I will admit, but I was very pleased.--JH

photo of DaveYour yawning techniques are great! Far too many people are stagnant and this gets everything moving again.Dave Sunerton-Burl

I did a session with your robot and I found it most valuable if correctly done. Within an hour it helped me in gaining much more control over mental pictures. The amazing thing is that this produced lasting tangible effects in everyday life: some unwanted automatic reactions have completely disappeared! Thank you very much for this tool! --Nico, Italy

The subject doesn't get me mad anymore, doesn't give me a bad feeling anymore. I can fully confront it now without bad feelings about it.--Bram Janssen

photo of GuyInteresting technique - I found it relaxing and energising.Guy Tweedale